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Corporate Profile

Skill Information

Corporate name

Skill Information "S" Co. Ltd.

Year of Establishment


Paid-in Capital

95,000,000 yen

Annual Sales

664,000,000 yen

Name of the Representative

Mr. Hiroshi Sugimoto

Headquarters Address

Post cord (zip code): 533-0033
Address: 1-17-26 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

Business Summary

Our company has grown as a solution business specialized in the related types and lines of industry using as core competence the software technology oriented toward control and communications engineering accumulated since its foundation.
Development and sale of software and systems including: assistance to the structuring and operation of in-house manuals for medical institutions, health control supporting tools intended for residents in local autonomies and employees of enterprises, software for remote image-based diagnosis intended for medical institutions, and community cooperation supporting software; and offering of MyFont, an original font creation service that changes one's own written letter into a personal-computer-use typeface as well as Yuhitsu, a service that creates original fonts for brush style typefaces, sale of a package of a collection of 50 typefaces carefully selected from our original hand-written fonts, and sale of a similar product, "Yubi" fonts, a package collecting original hand-written brush style typefaces.

Aspects and/or features of the product

  1. System development for embedded systems
    (Terminal software for mobile phone terminals and industrial equipment systems)
  2. Net-related systems
    Development of an extensive range of business-related systems like web-systems
  3. Structuring of EC sites
  4. GIS (Geographic Information System)
    Development of systems concerning sewage systems, roads, and insurance plus maps
  5. Systems for financial institutions
    Development of control systems intended for system devices used in financial institutions
  6. Traffic control systems
    Development of road traffic control systems intended for Japan Highway Public Corporation
    Track records of delivery of traffic control systems (such as traffic signals) to the police
  7. Development of systems intended for medical institutions
    Medical information systems (supporting tools for medical institutions)

Inquiry Contact


System Sales Dept.


General Manager


Mr. Yoshimi Fujioka





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